12 signs of power-hungry pastors

Have you ever met a power hungry pastor or church leader?

I have.

It’s not pretty.

Joseph Mattera recently wrote a piece entitled “Anthony Weiner and 12 Signs of Power-Hungry Leaders.  For our purposes here, I’ve changed the word ‘leaders’ to ‘pastors’:

1. They only relate to other “power” people

2. They are constantly dropping names and speaking about their accomplishments

3. They are in competition with other peer leaders

4. They are all things to all people

5. They are driven by selfish ambition instead of by love for people

6. They love the praises of men

7. They often compromise their ethical values

8. They have few boundaries to maintain personal and family health

9. They are only loyal to themselves

10. They head up organizations for stature rather than service

11. They exaggerate their value

12. They have a superficial inner life

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What do YOU think?

Have you ever watched a power-hungry pastor from afar?  Are these the attributes you saw in them?

Have you caught yourself over the years with any of these attributes?  How did you correct them?



  • jeff ruble August 9, 2013 Reply

    Yes. Sad but true. Left a church like this several years ago. I have caught myself doing this I hate to say. Thanks be to God He humbled me so I could correct it. No only in church but with family life ad well.

  • DA August 9, 2013 Reply

    Many of these items are HEART issues that onlookers (sometimes close onlookers) cannot see. I think some fool even themselves to the point where they overlook their true motive. I know of a person in which nearly every conversation gets drawn back to the words, “I, me, my, etc. ” However, EVERYONE seems to love him & talk about how spiritual he is.

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