Church Autopsy: What Killed This Church?

Thom Rainer recently did an ‘autopsy’ of a church that shut it’s doors.  Here are 11 things that he observed.  Let them be warning signs for all of us to the life cycle of churches and what we need to do to make our churches healthy:

  1. The church refused to look like the community. 
  2. The church had no community-focused ministries.  
  3. Members became more focused on memorials. 
  4. The percentage of the budget for members’ needs kept increasing.
  5. There were no evangelistic emphases.
  6. The members had more and more arguments about what they wanted.
  7. With few exceptions, pastoral tenure grew shorter and shorter.
  8. The church rarely prayed together.
  9. The church had no clarity as to why it existed.
  10. The members idolized another era.
  11. The facilities continued to deteriorate.

Read more of Thom’s thoughts here.

How close is YOUR church to a near-death experience?


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