10 Stupid Things Pastors Should Never Do

Jennifer LeClaire shares ten stupid things pastors should never do.  Here are the first five:

1. Abuse the sheep. Always remember that church staff—and church volunteers—are serving God, not you. Spiritual abuse is a dirty little secret in the charismatic church that is seldom exposed because it would topple small and large man-made empires alike. If you aren’t willing to be the servant of all—if you think the sheep are there to serve you—please hang up your ministry aspirations before you hurt someone. We don’t need more spiritual abusers in the pulpit.

2. Water down the gospel. If you aren’t going to preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—so help you God!—please don’t preach. Although there are many effective preaching styles, if you aren’t bold enough to preach the whole gospel—even the parts people don’t want to hear—then pray for boldness until you are.

3. Refuse to release people into ministry. God’s people don’t belong to you. You aren’t the one who called them, Jesus did. You aren’t the one who anointed them, the Holy Spirit did. If you feel threatened at the notion of your worship leader moving on—or your members attending a conference at another local church—your insecurities are perverting your leadership. Equip people for the work of the ministry and then let them fulfill their calling no matter where God leads them without cursing them on their way out the door.

4. Focus on gimmicks and programs rather than people. Seeker-friendly churches bring in bubble machines to attract the kids and A-to-Z programs to attract the adults. When the focus is on glitz, glare, glamour and gimmicks rather than meeting the true needs of people in the community, church can quickly become more like a Christian Club Med (or even a circus) than an expression of the kingdom of God. And that’s just dumb.

5. Ignore evangelism. Failing to pursue evangelistic endeavors has got to be the height of pastoral stupidity. Jesus gave us a Great Commission—and that means going beyond your many-walled church and into the surrounding community with the saving grace of Christ’s gospel. And refusing to have an altar call for salvations because you insist the lay people in your church should be getting them saved before bringing them to service is just plain stupid.

You can read the other 5 here: 10 More Stupid Things Ministers Should Never Do.

What is the stupidest thing YOU’VE ever done as a pastor?

Come on… you know you want to share it publicly (below in the comments)…  🙂



  • Rev. K. A. Christian December 18, 2012 Reply

    this is great warnings not just for pastors but for all leaders of the church…

    • Daniel F. Zepeda Sr. December 19, 2012 Reply

      Our spiritual condition is a direct result of having lost our relationship with God. We no longer know how to enter into the presence of God muchless lead our congregation into his presence. We have compromised ourselves with the occultic practices of the world and feared it more than we fear God. Repentance is needed by church leaders & then we can call others to repentance. Shame on us for having been so fearful of man that we compromised ourselves with the world.

  • Elder Linda December 19, 2012 Reply

    Todd, thank you for being bold enough to put this in writing!

  • Izzy January 2, 2013 Reply

    All of the above. To answer your question.

  • Ps. Phil January 9, 2013 Reply

    Unless the true gospel is preached of the water and the Spirit, the Church is going nowhere.

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  • Luke Shortridge March 25, 2015 Reply

    About 10 years ago I was serving as a middle school pastor. I used to come up with crazy games for the kids to play before we got into our study for the day. I came up with a game where kids had to put a tablet of alka-seltzer in their mouth and take a swig of soda. If they kept the tablet in their mouth for 10 seconds, they won a prize… Needless to say kids were getting sick and one of the parents wrote my senior pastor, informing him that I was encouraging his daughter to experiment with drugs! I was not even thinking about the fact that alka-seltzer has aspirin in it! Basically I wasn’t thinking, period! Thankfully I didn’t get fired and I wrote a letter of apology to all the parents. Sheesh!

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